Scale up strategies

for the climate crisis

Helping founders of climate innovation companies scale faster,
so they can make their impact.

The trusted source for founders within the climate innovation space

We support the founders and founding teams of early-stage companies innovating solutions to solve the climate crisis, especially those wanting to grow a healthy organization culture based on freedom and responsibility.

“The BASE team has been a huge part of our successful growth over the past year. Thank you for jumping in, steering things and helping to lay a foundation we can build on.”

Laura ZizzoCo-Founder & CEO, Manifest Climate

Expertly crafted programs to support climate innovation founders and their teams

Scale Together Accelerator

Hands-on help for early stage companies wanting to grow a healthy organization free of traditional power hierarchies.

Design the Future Together Sprint

The quick, easy, effective way of aligning your team on ways of working that match your values and build a thriving business.

Scale Together Coaching

One-on-one and co-founder coaching for building the skills, clearing the hurdles and gaining the confidence necessary to scale.

Impact Together Community

Providing climate-oriented leaders with free access to webinars, coaching, guides and resources.

Reduce the chaos. Overcome the overwhelm.

Frustrated and burnt out?

“Being the single point of accountability and decision-making in this business is exhausting and stressful. I need others to step up and share this responsibility with me.”

Ineffective team or poor business results?

“I am doing all I know how to, running this business to the best of my ability . . . and it’s not going as well as it needs to. I need help.”

A sense of urgency?

“The world urgently needs what our team has to offer. We need help moving faster so we can have a bigger impact.”

Lacking joy?

“The way we’ve been working feels rotten. It is not fun, inspiring or meaningful. There must be a better way. I want to enjoy my work and feel fulfilled.”


It’s time we started building businesses differently.

In Lead Together, we explore radical new ways of working and scaling a business. Learn key principles and proven methods to transform models of top-down leadership into dynamic human systems of shared responsibility and accountability.

“If you are a leader who, like me, dreams of scaling companies that are fun, inspiring and contributing meaningfully to people, planet and healthy profits, this is the book for you.”

Mike WinterfieldFounder and managing partner, Active Impact Investments

We've helped leading climate innovation companies.

We have helped over 100 Founders, CEOs and Executive Directors boldly, bravely and intentionally scale their organizations. Our clients are growing the size and impact of their businesses to tackle local and global challenges. Each is motivated by a desire to lead in ways that feel authentic, inspiring and personally fulfilling.

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