Helping founders and teams of early-stage companies grow a healthy organization free of traditional power hierarchies.

What is the Scale Together Accelerator?

The Scale Together Accelerator is a comprehensive 10-month program designed to help early-stage companies build the foundational building blocks essential for fast, healthy growth. Our team of experts actively leans in to ensure your team doesn’t getting bogged down. We help you be bold, brave and intentional in choosing ways of working that match your values and build a thriving business.

Who is the program for?

  • Entrepreneurs / Founders / CEOs and their teams
  • Early-stage companies looking to scale
  • Teams between 5 & 40 team members
  • Those innovating solutions related to the climate crisis, sustainability, regeneration or the UN Sustainable Development Goals

“The BASE team's ability to quickly step into a dynamic organization and have a positive impact on our people’s productivity and satisfaction levels is remarkable.”

Paul BotteroCo-Founder & CEO, Inmotive Inc.

Reduce the chaos. Overcome the overwhelm.

Frustrated and burnt out?

“Being the single point of accountability and decision-making in this business is exhausting and stressful. I need others to step up and share this responsibility with me.”

Ineffective team or poor business results?

“I am doing all I know how to, running this business to the best of my ability . . . and it’s not going as well as it needs to. I need help.”

A sense of urgency?

“The world urgently needs what our team has to offer. We need help moving faster so we can have a bigger impact.”

Lacking joy?

“The way we’ve been working feels rotten. It is not fun, inspiring or meaningful. There must be a better way. I want to enjoy my work and feel fulfilled.”

What to expect from the accelerator


Founder / CEO Coaching

1x1 coaching from one of our seasoned CEO coaches, providing personalized leadership development and support.

Team Coaching

Leadership, interpersonal tension and professional development coaching from one of our specialist coaches.

Advisors & Experts

Access to our curated team of high-impact advisors for help navigating niche challenges.

Meeting Facilitation

Expert facilitation support for your most critical meetings to ensure top quality output.

Purpose, Vision & Values

A simple, effective and collaborative process for shared clarity.

Team Practices

Hands-on support to develop, document, implement and refine your team’s way of working.

Role Design

Proactive designing and documenting of roles for each team member.

Onboarding Process

Designing, documenting, implementing and refinement of a top-notch onboarding process.

Resource Library

Access to our library of custom guides, planners, templates and videos.

Exclusive workshops with industry experts

Invitations to join topic-specific masterclasses & workshops to hone your skills and learn from others.

Dedicated Program Lead

The single point of accountability helping to keep processes on track and the team connected.

and more!

Learning the 5C’s of Scaling Together

Being a confident leader of a scaling business means choosing your preferred model… and we can help you and your team decide. Once you’ve chosen your model, we’ll take you through the 5Cs of designing your future.


To successfully scale, you and your colleagues need clarity on a shared purpose, values, principles & aspirations as well as authority, structure & decision-making. Without these in place, people will waste time running in circles.


How transparent will your team be… internally? …externally? How will feedback loops work? Being clear and intentional with the flow of information through your organization keeps everything moving forward.


Without roles defined and agreements clarified, balls get dropped and accountabilities are unclear. Along the way, commitments get missed and mistakes made. Resolving these tensions and disagreements quickly is critical to scaling. Get this work done and out of the way so your team stays focused.


Cadence is like the heartbeat of your organization. What meetings will the team have and how will they be most effective? What other rituals help keep your team on track? Get more done in a day, a week and a month by being intentional.


For most organizations successful scaling is all about the people. Who joins the team? How do they get up-to-speed quickly? When and how do people leave? Until these elements are clarified, your team will suffer from expensive mis-hires, below expected contributions and painful exits.

We specialize in progressive ways of working

At BASE, we specialize in working with teams that are aspiring to adopt progressive ways of working, be it:

  • Self-Management
  • Horizontal
  • Agile
  • Platform-Based
  • Teal
  • Holacratic
  • Purpose-Driven
  • Decentralized
  • Distributed
  • Self-Organizing
  • Flat
  • Organic

Why should BASE be your guide?


We work exclusively with Founder CEOs of companies and not-for- profit organizations between 5 & 40 people experiencing early-stage success and ready to scale.



We have worked directly with over 100 Founders, CEOs and Executive Directors, helping them become confident leaders of scaling organizations.



We have published two books and our team members are global experts in the emerging business paradigms necessary to thrive in today’s world where everyone leads together.



We specialize in working with the founders of businesses with revenues ranging from high 6- to low 8-figures. Our seasoned coaches work across our client’s teams, boosting the performance of the entire business.


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